The leaves are turning on the trees and we’re starting to think about snuggly jumpers and warm fires. What does your home need to ensure it is ready for the new season?

Check your heating

The likelihood is that you’ve not had the central heating on over the summer months. Don’t shoot the messenger but summer is really gone and you will give in to turning it on any day now. Try not to leave it until it’s really cold because if you do and then find out it doesn’t work after its summer hols, you’ll be cold and irritated. Instead, turn it on this weekend. Check each radiator and see if they need bleeding. Then you can turn it off again knowing that it will work when you need it.

Clean the gutters

With the leaves starting to fall, remember to check the guttering. A common problem at this time of year is blockages, which then in turn cause overflowing pipes and dampness to get into your home. Regular clearouts prevent further, more expensive problems.

Check your roof

While you’re looking at the guttering, look at the roof. Repair any loose tiles before any storm comes along and makes it worse. Insurance policies won’t pay out on damage if regular maintenance wasn’t being carried out.

Service your boiler

Boilers, like cars, need servicing but it doesn’t have to be expensive. At Orchards Estates, we have a large property management department so if you need recommendations for local boiler experts.

Compare the meerkats and other animals

As electricity and gas are going to be used a lot more with the longer nights and colder days so it could be worth just checking to see if you’re on the best deal for your family.

Add insulation

The Green Age, an energy advice service, says approximately 25% of a home’s heat escapes through the loft and then 35% through the walls. Cavity wall insulation fills the gap between two walls and reduces the loss of heat. Newer homes often already have it but it can be done retrospectively. Also, check-in the loft and see if you could add any extra material up there.

Call a flue enemies

Don’t use your chimney before you’ve had it swept. Much like the central heating, with a few months’ rest, it needs an expert to sort it out so that those cozy nights in front of the flames can be safely enjoyed. If you’re not sure who to call, just ask Orchards Estates and we can let you know who is local to you.