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In the Dog’s House – All £20,000 of it

We’re a nation of animal lovers.

Whether it’s cats, parrots, hamsters, bearded dragons or dogs – most people have a place in their hearts for pets.

Talking of places for dogs I stumbled across an article the other day about a kennel which had been valued at £20,000! That’s right folks, a kennel, for a canine chum.

It’s been built by tech giant Samsung and is apparently ‘the dog kennel for the future’ which is a good job as you’ll need a blooming long time to save up for it.

It’s complete with its own treadmill, a hydrotherapy pool for relaxing after a dog of a day and an automated feeder which allows a pampered hound the chance to feed itself at the flick of a paw!

Seriously, Google it, it’s incredible but I think you’d have to be barking mad to buy one. Link Here

Having said that over the years we’ve been running Orchards Estates we’ve sold every type of property and as the old estate agency adage goes ‘there’s a buyer out for there for EVERY property.’

Even dog kennels that cost more than a mid budget family car!