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How to choose the right agent to sell your home

Deciding to sell your property is a big move.

Deciding which agent you are going to instruct to sell your property is also a crucial decision.

Get it right and the moving process can be simpler, quicker, and stress-free. Choose badly and it could end up costing you money, time, and hassle.

At Orchards Estates we’ve more than 25 years of experience in selling homes so here are the five fundamental things to consider when choosing an estate agent.

Create a shortlist of local agents

Build a list of about five agents. Then start checking them out. Some of the questions to get answers to include: Do they have good reviews? How do they market properties? Do they use full walk-through videos? Are they part of a chain or independently owned? What are their opening hours? Do they cover a wide catchment area?

Pop in

Once you’ve done your initial homework it’s a good idea to visit each agent. Pop into their office because this way you’ll see if you can build rapport with them and also how they treat people face to face. If you like what you see, feel and hear, invite them around to give you a valuation

Valuation time

When the agent comes around to conduct the valuation use the opportunity to ask them lots of questions - don’t be shy. Ask about their fees, terms and conditions, and how they’ll make your property stand out from the rest.

Things to look out for here include punctuality, professionalism, local area knowledge, and if you actually like them. The last point is an important one as you’ll be working closely with them if you instruct them.

Ask for evidence

When an agent says your home is worth X ask how they’ve reached that figure. Also, ask them for proof of comparable properties they have sold in the area within the past three to six months. At this point, a good agent will have no problem with putting you in touch with clients who have used their services in the past.

Decision time

Once you’ve taken everything into account let the winning agent know. This is the beginning of a partnership between you and the agent. To achieve what you both want - for you to sell your home and for them to earn their commission – you will need to work together.

There are a lot of questions you need to ask and at Orchards Estates we are confident that given the opportunity we can answer them all correctly and honestly.

Thanks for reading.

Alexandra Beaufoy,

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