Christmas mayhem may have taken over and all your attention might be on what to buy your family. However, once the wrapping paper has been cleared away and normality resumes, the reality of what needs to be done to your property to make it ‘market ready’ remains.

In a buyers’ market, presentation is integral to a successful outcome. Below are a few tips on how to get your property to stand out in a busy marketplace.

Be objective

Properties are personal, full of memories, laughter and much more. But, to a potential buyer, the property is about their future, not your past. They need to see the property for how it could be for them. Complacency regarding dated décor or untidy rooms will ultimately impact your ability to achieve your desired asking price.

Fresh paint

Experts say that to achieve the asking price, owners need to invest up to 1% of their asking price into a property’s presentation. Whilst this can feel like wasted money that you won’t be able to enjoy, it could be the difference between dropping the price by several thousand just to complete the sale.
When you are fond of the property, it is easy to overlook the fact that the décor is looking a little tired, but unfortunately, this is one of the first things potential buyers will notice when viewing the property. A simple way to bring new life into the main rooms is to paint walls in a neutral colour to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Invest in stylish soft furnishings such as throws, candles and rugs which are easy and inexpensive to pick up. It will distract the attention of the prospective buyer from noticing the well-trodden carpet, the worn-out sofa and so forth. Using an accent colour like a deep blue or fresh green to re-furnish can enhance your home for all the right reasons and leave a positive lasting impression.

 The smell of selling success

Studies have shown that the smell of a room when walking into it informs your general perception of that space. Airing rooms and placing subtle fragrances around the property will help to create an inviting ambience.

Making sense of space

Everyone has that one drawer, cupboard or even room full of items from yesteryear. When preparing your property for a sale, take the time to de-clutter; a room that houses a bulk of takeaway menus, TV guides or ironing board might be a useful collection point for you, but it is likely to taint the opinion of a prospective buyer. Make spare rooms into something functional: office space for example or even spare room. If you have young children, tidying away toys is imperative.

By prioritising these useful tips, you have more chance of leaving a positive and lasting impression on strangers walking around your property; and, you are showcasing your property’s greatest potential.

Alex Beaufoy, Managing Director of Orchards Estates said, “For the majority, the buying and selling of a property will be the largest financial transaction they will ever make, so investing a small percentage of money and effort into your property will help you to stand out from the crowd and help to secure those all-important offers”.

In such uncertain times it can be difficult to make this kind of investment but doing it can mean the difference between reducing your asking price or achieving it.