The tree is finally up and decorated, the festive jumpers are on, gifts are wrapped and all that is left to do is to settle down with a cup of mulled wine or cocoa and enjoy a Christmas movie or two.

Take a look at this list of iconic properties taking the lead in this season’s favourite films. How have they performed price-wise since their release date?

Home Alone (1990)
Chicago Mansion

The iconic McAllister mansion in Chicago has dropped by 4% since 1990 from £1,562,148 to £1,505,674. This could be due to the damage that was caused while Kevin was trying to protect the house from burglars Harry and Marv, but it is more likely a result of Chicago’s withering property market as a result of high crime rates.

The Holiday (2006)
Detached Cottage in Shere, Surrey

Romance is in the air at Kate Winslet’s pretty cottage in the Surrey village of Shere. It is the perfect cosy home to spend the festive season in and has a £768,500 price tag up 63% from £472,697.

Love Actually (2003)
Terraced House in Wandsworth, London

Whilst Natalie’s Wandsworth terraced house is located in the “dodgy” end of Wandsworth, the price of terrace houses has since seen an increase of 160% in property values since 2003, jumping from £432,026 to £1,122,000.

About a Boy (2002)
Flat in Kentish Town and EC1 London

This heart-stirring film was lucky enough to have two addresses in the capital – the first is Marcus and his mother’s modest two-bedroom flat in Kentish Town which has seen an increase of 170%, jumping to £962,000. The other is Will’s property in Clerkenwell that has enjoyed a similar increase of 161%, up to £2,006,292.

Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)
Flat in Borough, London

Bridget Jones's flat in Borough relished in a 214% growth rate since the film’s release and would cost £724,683 today.

Die Hard (1989)
Los Angeles Penthouse

The action-packed Christmas movie sees Bruce Willis’ penthouse in Nakatomi Plaza has enjoyed the second-highest increase in property in property value of all properties on this list. LA experienced a 363% increase in property value since the movie's release. Today, this luxury apartment could sell for around £3,924,103.

Snowman (1985)
Detached House in West Sussex

At the top of the list, is the animated classic set in West Sussex. The story tells the tale of a young boy who makes friends with a friendly snowman and flies with him to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas.
Since its release in 1985, house prices near the location of where the film was set to have risen by 1020% growth rate, putting the current property price to £858,500.

A home is where festivities and traditions are made and snuggling down with a full belly and a classic film on the screen is now a popular activity for families. It has been very interesting looking at these iconic Christmas properties which stir hearts every year, and analysing how they have fared in terms of property value since their release.