Q.         I totally understand that professional photos walkthrough videos are important for selling my house, but do you recommend I do anything to prepare for them?

A.         Yes, they are – potential buyers expect to see professional photographs of almost every room in a house nowadays, more importantly nowadays buyers want to see full walkthrough videos and first impressions count for a lot, as it could mean the difference between them booking a viewing or deciding against it.

But you’re right – it’s no good there being a whole load of photos if they’re badly composed, ill-lit, or just plain uninspiring. And it is arguably even more important to prepare your house for the camera than it is for visiting buyers, who are much more likely to be distracted by other sights and sounds.

Is used to be that at the ‘stately home’ end of the market, agents routinely used professional photographers but, buyers these days appreciate the value in investing in the latest technology and will not settle for poor quality, badly lit photos or lack of a video, in order to see your home at its very best.

However, an agent can have all of the best tools and knowledge but if a home is untidy or cluttered, that will be captured with piercing clarity in the photographs and video so some preparation is needed. Your estate agent will offer tailored advice on preparing your home but as a general rule, the key is tidiness.

So, make sure the garden looks well-tended and clear of anything unsightly, like rubbish bins. In reception rooms, make sure cushions are plumped up; dining tables either laid for a formal meal or completely clear; children’s toys and magazines tidied away, etc. Check all the lights work and if necessary, remove surplus pieces of furniture to create a feeling of more space.

Also, try to make your kitchen look as pristine as it did the day it was installed. Make sure all beds are properly made. In the bathroom, fold towels neatly and remove any unsightly collections of shampoo bottles, etc. And toilet seats should always be down!