Getting your home ready for the photographer is a very important part of the marketing process. One of the key aims is to de-personalize it. This allows people to picture their items within the rooms and ensures they don’t get distracted by looking at your things. A lot of these points, like pet bowls, you return to situ after the photos but removing accessories on tables or photographs also allows you to start packing. Beginning this process helps you to start emotionally getting ready for the move too.

If you have any questions or would like a second, no-obligation, opinion just gets in touch. We’ll be happy to help.


Remove fridge magnets and have nothing hanging on the refrigerator (kids’ artwork, invitations, etc.)

Remove kitchen towels that are hanging

Clear counter tops-no clutter

Clear away small appliances such as toasters and blenders

No pots or pans on a stovetop

Remove trash can

Note: Removing clutter helps to make your home look larger and helps potential buyers to picture their belongings in your home.

Bathroom & Laundry

Remove toiletries from vanity and shampoo bottles etc. from shower/bathtub-no bath products out.

Clean mirrors

Remove laundry baskets and trash can

Either remove bath mats or match with towels

Have towels hanging neatly on towel rails

Close shower curtain

Toilet lids down

Living Areas

Remove any photographs - minimal accessories on tables

Remove baskets/containers that have magazines, throw blankets, etc.

Remove some furniture and rugs if in a small space. It will make the house appear to seem bigger

Remove any items that might offend potential buyers (political, animal heads, etc.)

Replace any missing light bulbs throughout the house

Remove pet bowls, bedding, kennels, litter trays, etc.


Beds are to be made

Pack away any kids’ toys

Clear any tabletops of toiletries, photos, and clothing

Remove any valuable items such as jewelry and put them in a safe place

Remove everything from bedside tables except bedside lamps

Open drapes or blinds

Note: When it comes to accessories on a table - less is more. No more than 2 per table.


Garage doors closed

No cars in the driveway or front of the house

Put bicycles, hose, garden tools, pool toys in the garage

Put rubbish bins out of sight

Arrange patio furniture neatly

Add seasonal plant pots for a splash of colour (Lidl often has a good cheap selection if you’re keen to not spend too much!)