There are lots of lovely things about this time of year: snuggly jumpers, cosy wood burners, and holiday season planning. For homeowners and renters though, it can also mean black mould developing. Follow our tips on how to deal with it to keep your home looking and feeling cleaner.

Create less moisture in the air

This is quite simple to action. Keep lids on pans when cooking and use the extractor fan in the kitchen if you have one. Dry clothes outside, definitely not on radiators. Vent tumble driers outside. Avoid flueless bottled gas heaters or paraffin heaters where possible.

Let fresh air in

When using the bathroom or kitchen, keep doors closed to contain the moist air in and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the house. When you’re done, open the window in that room to allow the moist air out.

Extractor fans can be retro-fitted so if your property doesn’t already have one or two, they can be well worth investing in. They’re particularly useful in the kitchen and bathroom. A 30W appliance would have to run continuously for around 36 hours to use about 15p of electricity. They’re not an expensive, nor eco-costly, solution.

Ensure areas, where air doesn’t regularly circulate, are aired often. Create gaps between furniture and walls. Occasionally, empty cupboards and wardrobes to help air those spots too.

TOP TIP: Leave a window open a crack at one of the houses and leave one cracked open at the other end of the house. This creates a thorough draft, which can be very beneficial for moving fresh air throughout the property.

Draught-proof and insulation

The warmer your property, the less likely you are to suffer from condensation. Insulation in the loft can help with this. The recommended depth is approximately 11 inches, or 270mm. If you have cavity walls, make sure they’re insulated too.

Draught-proof external doors, for example with curtains, and windows too. Perhaps even consider secondary glazing over single-glazed windows.

Use your heating wisely

Although it’s not sensible to heat rooms you don’t use, cold rooms are more prone to dampness, and therefore, mould. Thermostatic radiators should be set to 1 so there is a little warmth entering the space when your heating’s on. If you haven’t got central heating, use a room heater with a timer and temperature control instead. And don’t forget to air any unused rooms too.

Cleaning it away

If black mould has already built up, don’t panic. It is easily cleaned. Simply use water with a bit of bleach mixed in. Use a paper towel to wipe the surfaces and then throw that paper away. Get it out of the house too. Otherwise, when it dries, the spores simply return to surfaces within your property once again.

You will likely have to repeat this process but following the advice above and keeping on top of it, will help.

Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover spray is also very good for prevention.

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