>As we all know, Santa needs a chimney!

Where are the most Santa-welcoming homes in the UK?

As we all know, Santa needs a chimney and a fireplace to deliver precious gifts on Christmas eve but where in the UK has the most accessibility to welcome Santa? Well, Jackson-Stops has recently analysed 150 local authorities across the country, looking at dual factors of population density and fireplaces with chimneys. Who came out on top?

According to the data, properties in Hull are the most Santa-friendly with an abundance of chimneys and fireplaces to which the big man can easily enter homes and with a dense population, him and his team of reindeers are able to fly and land between properties with comfort.

However, this year will be especially difficult for him to make deliveries. The completion of 183,570 new homes across 2016/2017 is welcomed by potential homeowners, but given the lack of traditional chimneys and fireplaces in many new builds, Santa’s access options are limited… perhaps he’ll be climbing through windows instead!

The most favourable destinations for Santa to deliver too, are Hull, Hastings and Stoke-On-Trent as they are in abundance of period properties which tend to have chimneys and fireplaces.

Living in a Santa sweet-spot means that locals are less likely to be “missed” out of his one-night-only delivery service; an unusual but disappointing paradox that normally only effects naughty children. There are no London Boroughs in the top 10 – though densely populated, apartments without chimneys and fireplaces are all over the capital. This obviously reduces Santa’s chances of delivering goodies and treats.
Tower Hamlets has the lowest proportion of homes with Santa-friendly access and, 8/10 of the local authorities with the lowest proportion of chimneys and fireplaces in London.

Three Rivers, Brackness and Surrey Heath are the most inaccessible areas for Santa to deliver to in England, they are sparsely populated, and homes there usually lack chimneys and fireplaces.

The top 10 and bottom 10 Santa-friendly local authorities in England. Source: Jackson-Stops

The best areas for festive deliveries

1. Hull                                 2. Hastings                         3. Stoke-On-Trent

4. Nottingham                    5. Derby                              6. Worthing

7. Tamworth                       8. Bristol                             9. Stockport

10. Wolverhampton

The worst areas for festive deliveries

1. Three Rivers                  2. Bracknell Forest             3. Surrey Heath

4. South Ribble                 5. Dartford                            6. Runnymede 

7. Trafford                          8. Preston                             9. Warrington

10. Elbridge

Mathew Wood, Managing Director of Orchards Estates comments “Dense housing where there are no chimneys is not ideal for old Saint Nick but luckily for us in South Somerset, we have plenty of traditional properties with chimneys and fireplaces so unless people have been particularly naughty this year, or are without a chimney, we should all get our gifts on the big day.”

With a real housing crisis in the UK, it is only right that more properties are springing up, but Father Christmas will most likely notice the lack of chimneys associated with these homes. Dwellers of these properties will need to make particular effort to create festive spirit, with all of the lights and whistles externally and internally!

If you really want to attract more than just Santa, the winter season can be a great time to draw in a select group of serious buyers. The calibre of buyers, in terms off their seriousness and eagerness to complete quickly is greater than at other times of the year. Many of these buyers are hoping to move into their new property at the start of a new year. Also, the Christmas period is the busiest time of the year with buyers looking for a new home online. Most agencies shut down over this period, but Orchards Estates are open, yes, even on Christmas Day for their Christmas Day Launch.

To get your home listed in time for shoppers over Christmas, or if you are looking for a new home for the new year, get in touch with our professional team on 01935 277977 or 01460 477977 and we’ll be delighted to help.