>Make your staycation space just right

Introduce plants

Bringing the outside in can fill a room with scent and colour. It’s a cost effective way to really brighten an area.

Choose flowers and plants that are in season. You can do this all year round, so sweetpeas in July make way for poinsettias in the winter.

Ice cream tones

This summer, pastel tones are really en vogue. That makes it the perfect time to bring them into your interior’s design. Blush pink is everywhere but that might not go with your existing theme. Celebrate these hues with bold prints or just a splash of colour.

What do I mean by the latter? Here’s a beautiful shot to give you an idea:

It’s always time for Pimms!

How about getting a drinks trolley for your home?

As gin is so fashionable (and delicious!), drinks trollies are back in. Revamped by designers like Eichholtz, they create stylish additions to living and dining rooms.

Introduce mirrors

Mirrors help bring all that sunshine into your home, lighten dark spaces and lift the ambience. Particularly useful in corridors or north facing rooms.

If you’re not sure how to spend money at home to freshen it up, either just for yourselves, or for the near future, please just get in touch. We can pop round and give you our expert opinion, for free and with no obligation, so you spend your hard earned money in the most sensible area for your home and lifestyle.

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