So you’ve walked around approximately 10 houses and, much like when you were dating, finally met ‘The One. Now comes the nerve-wracking part: offer, negotiation, and starting the next stage. How can you make sure you get to the next stage of instructing solicitors?

Katie Griffin, President, NAEA Propertymark says: “Finding your dream property is no mean feat, but when you do eventually find it, the biggest task is keeping hold of it. It’s really important to try and connect with the seller or agents involved, but keep a clear head and make a strong case for why the seller should choose you. An ideal buyer will show that they have done their homework, are clear about how quickly they can move, and that they are taking the process seriously.”

 Do your homework

The key to starting any process is preparation. There’s a lot of information out there about how it all works. These videos, aimed at first-time buyers, are very useful for an easy way to gain or refresh your understanding. Do your homework before you place an offer so you go into the process comfortable and confident. Also, there is plenty of information about houses nearby to the one you love so you can compare prices and be confident you’re in the right ballpark.

Speak to an independent financial advisor

There’s nothing worse than finding the home of your dreams and discovering afterward that you can’t afford it. If you’re not sure who to speak to, contact us and we can recommend people out there who will best suit you. Independent financial advisors have the edge over just going straight to your bank as they can see the whole marketplace and make recommendations based on your circumstances. You’ll need ID to make an offer nowadays too so get your passport and utility bill ready to show the estate agent, along with your mortgage promise.

Are you in a great position?

If you are a first-time buyer or have no chain for other reasons, make sure this is made clear as part of your offer. This might mean that you’re able to move in a timescale to suit (within reason!) the seller of the house you want.  This could well give you the edge over other potential purchasers.

Relationships are important

Independent estate agents like us have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Advice from family and friends on solicitors, mortgages, and even surveys can be outdated unless they have bought a property within the last few weeks! It’s a fast-moving market! Not only that, if you’ve spent time discussing your needs with your estate agent, they’re more likely to think of you before other people when they hear about something that will suit you.

 Don’t delay!

If you like it, offer on it. If you don’t, the person that saw it yesterday will and you’ll be pipped to the post.

Pick a price

You might be given all sorts of advice about how to offer. One top tip is to not start too low. Sellers can be offended and not want to deal with you, or don’t believe you can even afford it. Someone else can come in with a more sensible figure and you end up losing it. Most people tend to deal in round numbers so try avoiding them so you don’t make the same bid as another buyer.